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Elsieís Theme from The Sicilian Defence (The Project That Never Was) As many Project aficionados will know, a largely experimental album entitled ĎThe Sicilian Defenceí was recorded at the same time as EVE. This work became the subject of a major disagreement with the record company and was shelved. However, in the process of searching the archives for bonus material, at the labelís request, we have included a track (previously untitled), which is dedicated to Ericís newest granddaughter.

Lucifer (Demo)
This was the first ever demo, recorded on a simple Revox home recording setup in a beachfront apartment in Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco. Super Bear, the studio where Eve was recorded was a one hour drive up into the hills above Nice, France.

Secret Garden (Early Rough Mix)
This rough mix comes from the halfway stage of the recording process and highlights some of the sounds and effects that were less prominent on the final versions.

Damned If I Do (Rough Mix)
This is a mix with the strings very forward, so we could hear them in detail. The rough mix in the background might have been tailored for the orchestral players to hear while they added their contribution. Drums are a particular nuisance if they spill out into the orchestra mics from the monitor speakers or headphones of the orchestral players - so on this mix they are at a low level, as is the guitar solo. Very often, different sections of the orchestra would be recorded separately in order to have full control over each orchestral group without affecting the others. This would explain the absence of the horns (used on the final version), which were recorded on their own on a later take.

Donít Hold Back (Vocal Rehearsal Rough Mix)
When a vocal is recorded, often many versions are put onto tape and by a process of cherry picking lines, phrases or words, the optimum master vocal is compiled. In this early stage of recording her vocal, Clare Torry is experimenting and laying down several versions of sections of the song, which would eventually be condensed into the master lead vocal. (Incidentally for those who donít already know, Alan had originally put Clareís name forward as a singer to work with Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon.)

Lucifer (Early Rough Mix)
In this early studio version, we had added a Morse code buzzer rendition of the letters E V E as per the title of the album. It can be heard here much more prominently than on the final mix.

If I Could Change Your Mind (Rough Mix)
Recording a lead vocal can be a lengthy process and this is a rough snapshot of the track after Lesley Duncanís vocal was finished. There is also a long section at the end featuring a brass idea, which was ultimately mixed out in order to favour the solo guitar used on the final mix. On this track, as with many others, a longer version is recorded than is actually used, but adding a fade to a track is always done in the final stages. One of Alanís trademarks as a producer for the APP was elongated tail pieces which he would shorten on the final mix as was the case here.

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