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Expanded Edition Bonus Material

They say a poem is never finished, it is abandoned. The same could certainly be said of music, lyrics or any creative effort. The great advantage of the recording process is that as one keeps rough mixes as a guide, one can delve into stages before the point of abandonment and revisit some of the magic from earlier attempts or stages.

Amongst this collection of bonus material for the 'I Robot' album, there are several examples of the magical early takes and in this re-mastered version of 'I Robot', for those interested in the process, there is a unique opportunity to glimpse behind the curtain of the recording process. Also included are some abandoned experiments as well as demo material which guided the ultimate master recordings.

Here is a track listing of the bonus material to be included on the 'I Robot' expanded edition album to whet your appetite!

Track 11 - I Robot (Boules experiment)
EW "This is an example of an abandoned experiment. While in France, I noticed that Boules was the local French obsession, much like snooker in the UK or pool in the US. I discovered these metal balls made a fascinating noise when you banged them lightly together and I tried to incorporate this into an early studio demo recording of I Robot. Although I thought the effect could have worked quite well, Alan didn't share my enthusiasm and the idea was abandoned."

Track 12 - Breakdown (Early Demo of Backing Riff)
AP "This is an early attempt to find a feel from a chord sequence I had come up with. Eric constructed the final melody and lyrics around it. It is slower than the tempo eventually chosen."

Track 13 - I Wouldn't Want Be Like You (Backing Track Rough Mix)
EW "This is an excellent example of the early stage of the magic 'take' which was eventually developed into the master recording. Interestingly, from the point of view of any aspiring solo guitarists, this rough mix pre-dates the tremendous Ian Bairnson solo which was such a feature of so many of the Project recordings, but this was what Ian developed his solo over and it gives an opportunity for others to see what they might have come up with by playing along with the backing."

Track 14 - Day after Day (early stage rough mix)
AP "This was an example of a 'feel' based track built around a synthesizer figure."

Track 15 - The Naked Robot
EW "I recall that in creating 'Projects' we attempted to let different tracks merge into each other as part of the editing process and this meant that much of the material recorded was in compatible tempos and keys. We were reminded of this while reviewing much of the archive material on this album and had the idea of trying to re-combine some early stage mixes of material that was subsequently developed differently. This ten-minute medley of early stage mixes of instrumental pieces on the album seems to take on a life of its own with a different ambience and feel to the original record. The elements contained within this medley all appeared in a modified form on the eventual master, which could obviously have gone in a very different direction."

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