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Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe

Expanded Edition Bonus Material

As well as including the re-mastered original 1976 version and 1987 re-mix version of the album, the new Tales of Mystery and Imagination Double CD Deluxe package also contains the following bonus material:

The Raven - original demo
EW "Before I had even met Alan, I had gone in the studio to attempt several demos which could eventually comprise an Edgar Allan Poe "Project". This attempt was made in the early 70s."

Edgar - original demo of an unreleased track
EW "I had hoped to include this song as part of the Project's first recording, but was dissuaded by a record company executive."

Orson Welles Radio Spot
AP "Welles was given a script for narration and radio spots. He had not heard any music at this point. We took his dialogue and the music from the album and played around with it. One of the results was this radio commercial which was used in the US advertising campaign."

Interview with Alan and Eric 1976
AP "Warren Duffy who had worked in radio for many years and who had been a long-standing associate of The Beach Boys, assembled this promotional Q & A session with Eric and myself just before the album's original release.."

Eric's Guide Vocal Medley
EW "I always sang a 'guide' version of the songs I had written in order to play the material to chosen vocalists for them to learn. This is an edited collection from the archives of my rough guide vocals."

Orson Welles Dialogue
AP "This is the full content of Welles' tape (without music). There is a segment that was not included anywhere on the previously heard narration or the radio spots."

Sea Lions in the Departure Lounge - experiment with sound effects
EW "We had hours of amusement playing with sound effects and this example has survived. It consists of a rough mix of a section of 'The Fall Of The House of Usher' where the traveller approaches the menacing and mysterious building, knocks on the door and enters an airport departure lounge inhabited by sea-lions and sheep!"

GBH Mix - unreleased experiments
AP "While recording the album, we were concerned that somebody else might steal the idea of an Edgar Allan Poe theme, so we kept it secret from all the session players, vocalists and Abbey Road staff. Obviously the real titles would have given the Poe concept away, so we chose deliberately confusing titles that only had meaning to Eric and myself. For example "The Cask Of Amontillado" became Bristol Cream, The Raven became The Raver, and although it never made it to this album, The Murders In The Rue Morgue became "GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) In A French Street". Arthur Brown saw through the veil, but with the lyrics he was given it was understandable. The Bonnie And Clydesque ragtime track was an early attempt at Tarr and Fether, but bears no resemblance to the final version. Other snippets include out of context extracts from Usher and A Dream Within A Dream."

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